The Back Benchers

So many possibilities before you! You’re full of potential - right now, you can do anything you want! What’s stopping you? Absolutely nothing. Go out there and seize the day - we’re right behind you...or maybe in your pocket.

'Stay Motivated'

You don’t just have to stay motivated to work - you have to work to stay motivated. But it's actually fun - we promise! Leaving yourself encouraging little notes, pinning your favourite quotes to your wall, or reading to keep your creative juices flowing - staying motivated is the most fun of all. And the best part is, all that hard work ahead of you actually becomes enjoyable.

Here are a few tricks to get started:

- Read loads of interesting books, articles or blogs
- Stay up-to-date in your field - knowing what's going on will help!
- Don’t stress - breathe deeply, zen doodle, or keep a diary!

'Work with style'

“Style. That’s what people remember.” - Terry Pratchett

This is the best time to develop your sense of style - not just personal, but work! What do you wear when you dress to impress? Make sure you give the right impression when you walk into the professional world in a couple of years. Dressing for the occasion is an important life skill - even little details matter, like the colour of your shoelaces or the pen in your pocket. Remember - whatever you’re doing, do it in style!


...or should we say, say it with cheese? Be truthful - you write those cheesy poems in your secret notebook or blog, just like everyone else! But we're not criticizing - in these days of silly e-cards and badly-spelled texts, a proper, cheesy love poem adds a personal touch like nothing else. In fact, we'd LOVE it if you could share the fun with us! Upload an adorably cheesy poem, limerick, letter or one-liner below, and we'll probably share an excerpt.

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You fill up my senses
Like a walk into Starbucks
Like the swag in the springtime
Like #YOLO in the rain


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