Middle-School Mania

Middle-School can be tough - it's like you're still a kid, but without the perks. You're expected to go to a campus with no monkey bars and pore over some seriously heavy-duty textbooks - and yet, no one takes you as seriously as the high-schoolers. Those teenagers and their drama may be getting all the attention, but worry not - we're here to show you how to turn middle-school into the funnest (that's not exactly a word, but that's what middle-school is about - being creative and original) years of your school life! Ready?

Doodle central

Go ahead and open one of your notebooks or textbooks. If there are doodles of your teachers, annoying older siblings or just about anything else crowding your margins or back pages, we're talking to you. And if your notebooks and textbooks are squeaky clean and entirely deprived of the art of doodling, we're definitely talking to you - because doodling is one of the hallmarks of Middle-School Mania and we are here to ensure you don't miss out on it!

And guess what - it's a stress-buster too! So whether your mom's nagging you, your teacher's scolding you or exams are keeping you awake at night, JUST DOODLE. It will make you feel better instantly and - we won't lie - it's the cure for everything.

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Secret diary

Welcome to the age where diary-keeping is all the rage! Keeping a diary can be a lot of fun - especially if you have interesting people in your life. A diary is like a best friend you can say ANYTHING to and it will keep your secrets safe. BUT, like any good story, your life is also full of villains who will try to get in the way of all the fun. So here are some tips on how to keep your Secret Diary safe from Nosy Aunts, Snoopy Siblings and other busybodies.


Use a diary with a lock. And keep the key hidden.


Find a creative hiding place (Behind a painting? A fake door inside your closet? Behind the cistern in your loo? Your shoe box?)


If all else fails, leave a really scary curse for anyone who even THINKS about snooping, on the first page of your diary.


Use code names for everyone. This way, even if your diary ends up in the wrong hands, your secret's still safe!

Good luck and safe diary-keeping!


Are you excited? Because we are! We love fountain pens. Did you know, people have been using them for hundreds of years, and they’re still great today? They’re one of the most fun ways to write, and they make good words look even better - but they need a little more looking-after than your other pens. Here are three tips to keep your pens in tip-top shape!

- NEVER drop them - you could spoil the nib.
- Don’t shake them too hard, or you’ll get ink everywhere!
- Don’t leave the cap off, or they’ll dry out!

Buying a fountain pen is very personal, like buying clothes. Not everything is a perfect fit for everyone! Visit a Rorito Writesite
to try out your pen before you buy!

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