The Office

You may spend all day at your keyboard, but we all know it - pens will never go out of style. Whether you wear yours in your collar, your front pocket, behind your ear or in that fancy pen stand, we all keep a pen close by...letting you whip it out and sign checks, make notes, and leave messages with that extra flourish.

Doing it Write

You’ve been thrown headlong into the professional world. Suddenly, you’re surrounded by busy people in a bustling work environment, and there’s a lot to deal with - from the 9-5 workday (and you used to complain about school hours!) to your friends having to work when you’re free.

The only constant, as always, is that friendly pen in your pocket!

Here are some tips to help keep your head above water:

- Get up and walk around every 30 minutes, to give your mind and body a boost!
- Try and get all your most important work done in the first half of the day.
- Read interest blogs, articles and posts related to your field to keep you inspired.
- Be friendly with your coworkers so that you have an active support system.

And of course, keep a pen handy! No one likes being the stressed guy yelling “Anyone got a pen? Guys? Guys?! It’s urgent!” while being completely ignored.

Jottek Gel

  • India’s first retractable pen gel pen
  • Futuristic dry gel ink
  • Vibrant body colours
  • Sleek & stylish design

Jottek Matica

  • Space age mettalic pen
  • Laser tip for smooth writing
  • Non-jamming refill retractor
  • Attractive body colours

Jottek Classic

  • Classic model with a futuristic design
  • Slim looks
  • A wide range of exciting colours
  • Superior mechanism
  • Laser tip for smooth writing

Jottek Ravia

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Ultimate writing comfort
  • Retractable mechanism
  • Firm grip

The Upper Class

Whether you’re adding some extra sparkle and class to a crisp business suit, giving someone a gift you know for sure that they’ll use, or even just dressing up your work desk, a classy pen is a great (and useful) choice. After all, you can never tell when inspiration - or a “Sir, please sign here” request - is going to strike!

Greetz Glamatic

  • Smooth writing for fine impression
  • Stylish & elegant
  • Full metal pen

Greetz Fascinate

  • Hi tech Retractable ball pen
  • Attractive prominent gold plated clip
  • A perfect pen for smooth and fine writer
  • An eye catchy trendy acrylic pen provides a smooth holding for effortless writing

Greetz Amster

  • Futuristic technology
  • Stylish metallic fulid ink roller pen
  • Striking gold plated clip
  • Non dry ink tip for extra smooth flow writing
  • Classic body finish for sturdy looks

Greetz Rollmax

  • Hi Tech Roller ball refill
  • Non-dry ink tip
  • Smooth & comfort writing
  • Click – lock cap

The Planners

What could be better than getting all the quality office supplies you could need in ONE place? Markers, notebooks, pens, pencils and other stationery, notebooks - we’ve got them all in great bulk packages designed to save busy administrators time and money. And you have the satisfaction and assurance of getting them directly from us.

Permanent Marker Jumbo

  • Superior performance – bullet tip that does not fray
  • Unique stopper system that prevents the tip from slipping into the body
  • Longer life – larger ink reservoir
  • Non-toxic permanent ink which writes on must surfaces
  • Xylene and toluene free ink

Whiteboard Marker HD

  • Clear and precise writing
  • Anti-fray tip
  • Ink does not bleed on surface
  • Smooth flowing ink
  • Easily erasable & refillable

Correction Pen 7 ml

  • Large ink tank of 7ml
  • Pocketable correction pen
  • Unique metal tip mechanism
  • Smooth uninterrupted flow
  • Easy to use -Shake, Press and correct

White Board Marker Jumbo

  • Large ink reservoir ensures longer mileage
  • Bright ink for brighter writing on white boards
  • Airtight body design provides long usage
  • Durable anti-fray bullet tip
  • Easy wipe ink

CD DVD Marker

  • Fibre tip for precise and permanent impressions
  • Unique metal tip supporter for sturdy usage
  • Waterproof permanent ink
  • Non toxic – Free from xylene and toluene

Permanent Marker HD

  • India’s first high definition
  • Permanent marker
  • Advanced anti-fray tip
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Clear bold writing
  • Marks on most surfaces
  • Non toxic alcohol based permanent ink