The Cursive Cure

Oh no! Just when you’ve learnt how to write neatly, it’s all turned around and suddenly, you have to learn CURSIVE writing. Who has the time to join up all those letters? Well, you do, if you learn it right! And we’re here to help you do just that - because it’s actually lots and lots of fun.

Think of it as learning to draw something new!

How to Concoct the Cursive Cure


Think of it as learning to draw something new!


Learn to sign your name first of all. A signature is important!


Practice on both ruled and unruled paper. Do you get the same results?


Pick your own fun words, like ‘hippopotamus’, to practice writing!


Make reasons to write, like fun notes for friends and family!

Another way to defeat the cursive curse is to find a writing wizard!
Writewiz is a good placer to start looking.